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From the Principal

Dear Students, Parents, Alumni, Families and Friends,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the official web site for Holyoke Catholic High School. We are a Catholic coed diocesan high school "committed to academic excellence," and focused on "the development of the whole person...individual talents...and service, justice and peace in the world."

These quotations from our Mission Statement are not mere words for us, but they determine how we treat each other and the wider community through our programs and through our individual relationships with people. Holyoke Catholic is a welcoming place for students and those who minister as administrators, teachers, counselors, non-teaching personnel, parents, and volunteers.

For students, we require a commitment to academic pursuits with an eye to college and beyond. However, we balance that work with a full range of activities as well as service projects within the school, community, country and beyond into the broader world. Our students work hard, play hard, and truly enjoy their time at Holyoke Catholic.

For parents we request interaction through online grade access, communications with teachers, counselors, club moderators and coaches, as well as through the Parent Partnership activities. Parents are consulted about the major decisions their students make at HCHS such as course selection, activities, and college aspirations, and they are given parental support through events such as our College Financial Aid Night.

For those of us who minister at Holyoke Catholic, we take our professional responsibilities seriously. Our Faculty Manual asks that each of us "affirm that the heart of our school lies in the profession of our Catholic faith, which values the dignity and worth of every person."

Please take some time to explore us through our web site. We will be delighted to answer any questions you have, so please feel free to contact the people who are identified in the various sections.


Theresa Kitchell